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Political Results of 2007: Russia on the Eve of Power Shuffle

Political Results of 2007: Russia on the Eve of Power Shuffle

The new study analyzes political and socio-economic state of Russia after Duma election on December 2 2007 and possible consequences of power shuffle in March-May 2008.

The survey looks into the results of the general election, alignment of forces at the top of Russian power and the interests of the players involved in the big politics, their assets, and tendencies in the area of mass politics and party construction.

The new work focuses on foreign environment in which power transition is being carried out and the state of affairs in Russian regions. This will be supplemented with forecast of future developments in the near and medium future.

The study dwells on the following subjects:

  • Results of the parliament election on December 2 2007:

    • influence on the modernization of Russian political system.
    • Who won and who was the loser when the new cycle of Russian politics began.
  • Putin’s future – the choice of political system evolution mode

    • Scenarios of power transition and possible Putin’s employment after March 2008.
  • War between power groups and its escalation ahead of the elections.

    • Putin’s personnel policy at the end of his second presidential term.
  • Transformation of Russian elite’s ideological priorities in 2007.

  • Russia’s foreign policy: interests of Putin and his successors.

  • Regional aspect of political transformations.

  • Forecast for 2008:

    • political and economic course of the new Russia.
    • Possible horizontal and vertical turnover of staff between 2008 and 2012.

The study is supplemented with appendixes containing graphs showing affiliation of senior government officials with power clans, information in the mass media market, statistical and other significant data.

Date of issue (in Russian)
December 24 2007

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