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Leading Russian corporations and the executive power: interaction methods

Leading Russian corporations and the executive power: interaction methods

The new study analyzes the methods of interaction between the executive power and the leading Russian businesses both when they carry out «pinpoint» projects and implement strategic partnership. 

The paper dwells on the following subjects:

The leading Russian corporations: their lobby power

  • Analysis of businesses’ efforts on the federal level and in the subjects of the Russian Federation
  • Resources of business projects
  • Lobby opportunities in the Cabinet of Ministers, ministries and services
  • Contacts with regional governments

Modern methods of interplay between the government and large businesses

  • Current and future «home» projects of Russian corporations
  • GR with state power bodies
  • Businesses’ participation in national projects and other initiatives by the executive power
  • Economic interests of the dominating Russian power clans
  • Main business conflicts and how power bodies tackle them

Oversea tactics of Russian businesses

  • Cooperation between businesses and power as a part of the strategy to access oversea markets
  • Ways to make Russian corporations public
  • «Strategic» enterprises within the Russian government’s foreign-policy projects

Short- and medium-term future of interplay between the power and businesses

  • Large Russian business and elections 2007-2008
  • Economic policy of the «successor» and possible changes to the format of interaction between corporations and the power

Date of publication – May 20, 2007

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