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State Corporations in the Russian Economy

State Corporations in the Russian Economy

The new study analyses state corporations that many consider a new long-term direction of Russian economy development. Currently, these corporations are becoming nearly the main mechanism for Russian elite to convert and cash out political power. Therefore it is important to understand affiliation of different state corporations with dominating political players, their role in the 2008 election campaign and place in the next executive power configuration that we will see completed by spring-summer 2008. It is also interesting to analyze possible ways the state corporations may transform into other forms of property in the nearest and medium-term future.

The study focuses on the following subjects:

  • Reasons behind increasing attention of Putin and his private circle to state corporations

  • State corporations in the context of elite’s infighting for resources in 2007 and 2008

    • Who controls state corporations?
  • State corporations as a new type of business entity

    • Specific management and control of the corporations by the executive power
    • The problem of emerging «states within the state»
  • State corporations and the problem of access to strategic spheres for foreign investors

    • Interaction between the state and private businesses
  • Nationalization or «delayed privatization?»

    • Possibility of new state corporations in 2008 and 2009 and of state corporations’ transformation into private-owned entities

The study is supplemented with appendixes containing graphs showing distribution of resources among state corporations, their affiliation with political clans, other subject-related important materials.

Issue date February 4, 2008

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