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Political power in Russia after presidential election

Political power in Russia after presidential election

The new report analyzes the situation which followed «reformatting» of the political system in Russia within the «Successor» operation. Currently the new management structure and inter-elite situation have been formed aggressively in view of the existing model of «Putin-Medvedev» duumvirate. Thus, the report attempts to analyze the main trends in the Russian political, social and economic development with account of the new power configuration; studies forming of Putin’s and Medvedev’s “teams”; and investigates struggle for business assets from December 2007 till May 2008. In addition, the report highlights the major conflict lines within the Russian elite which may affect the choice of political and economic course of the country. The analytical report is based on the wide base of resources with elements of exclusive information and inside.

The report studies in detail the following issues:

  • The results of the staff struggle before and after the inauguration of the president of the Russian Federation from December 2007 till May 2008:

    • appointments
    • structural transformations
    • legislative initiatives
    • competition for assets
  • Establishment and interaction of Putin’s and Medvedev’s « teams »

  • Forming of the government and the presidential administration:

    • prospects of authorities’ relations after May 7, 2008
  • Elite groups and power reformatting: old and new conflict lines

  • Federal authorities and control of regional elites

  • Major short-term tasks of the government

The report is supplemented by figures, showing belonging of the representatives of the Russian elite to major groups, as well as other materials significant in this range of problems.

Date of issue (in Russian) May 26, 2008

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