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Announcement of a series of analytical reports “The Political compass” – 2009

The series of reports is devoted to the analysis of a decision-making system in political and economic spheres, studying of mechanisms of functioning of government bodies, identification of main tendencies and possible risks.

The series includes 4 (four) reports to be published in 2009.

1. State companies and state corporations in Russia: political resources and business opportunities

(March 30, 2009)

The report is devoted to the analysis of condition of large state businesses in Russia. Special attention will be paid to lobbying capacities of resource-intensive state companies and corporation having a strategic role in the country’s political and economic life.

The report comprehensively analyses:

  • issues of affiliation of such companies with leading administrative players
  • their significance in implementing domestic and foreign economic projects of the Russian Federation
  • outlooks for the formation of new similar companies in 2009

The topic of the future of state corporations, including the issue of their possible privatization, will be considered.

2. Levels of Russian government – 2009: staff, administrative resource and main capacities

(May 25, 2009)

The report is devoted to the analysis of influence distribution inside government bodies amid the duumvirate. Special attention will be paid to:

  • peculiarities of work of certain ministries and their structural divisions
  • administrative conflicts
  • mechanisms of settling conflicts and making decisions

The report’s advantage is the exclusive expert research of lobbying potential and channels of interaction between ministries and entities of the Russian government.

3. New regional policy and its consequences for Russian territories

(June 27, 2009)

The report analyses changes in priorities (staff, administrative, financial and economic) in the regional policy of the Russian Federation in the period from 2008 to 2009 as well as the peculiarity of interrelation of political factors on the level of regions and municipalities.

Special attention will be paid to:

  • issues of using federal resources
  • struggle for finances within the framework of federal target programs
  • analysis of investment activities of regions

4. Russia-2009: Political and economic results of the year

(December 21, 2009)

The report is a comprehensive analysis of the political, social and economic development of the Russian Federation in the first years of Dmitry Medvedev’s term in office and the first stage of Strategy-2020.

It is intended to comprehensively explore:

  • the issue of interaction between the Prime Minister and the President
  • administrative layout of forces
  • interests of leading elite groups involved in the big political game and their resource provision


Please be advised that the Series is available in Russian language. Nevertheless it can be translated into English by your request and for additional charge.

If you are interested to obtain please contact » Elena Kim

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