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Announcement of a series of analytical reports «The Political compass»

The National Energy Security Fund presents a series of analytical reports «The Political compass» devoted to decision-making processes  in Russian policy, current situation in main institutions of executive power authority, processes of power redistribution in federal authorities.

The reports include expert analytical forecasts on the subjects. The series consists of 5 reports which are issued within 2007 year.

1. Forecast of political developments after the presidential election in 2008

(March 26, 2007)

  • Views of the main political players on how Russia will live after Vladimir Putin’s second presidency term expires. Ideology of the country’s development for the next president
  • Economic policies of the state – strategy of growing into the global business and formation of major multinational giants in oil and gas, metallurgy, military, and nuclear industries
  • Prospects of the «multinational giants» strategy

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2. Leading Russian corporations and the executive power: interaction methods

Main business conflicts and how power bodies tackle them.

(May 20, 2007)

  • Analysis of large Russian corporations’ lobby power
  • New aspects of interaction between businesses and power
  • Mechanism of cooperation between businesses and power on the regional level
  • Principal business conflicts and how power bodies tackle them

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3. "Centres of influence" in Russian politics

(July 25, 2007)

  • Dominating influence groups: composition, structure, interests, approach to power succession, agents in the regions and business community
  • Lobby strength of different powerhouses
  • Interaction between various powerhouses
  • Approach of the dominating groups to the presidential election 2008

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4. Political landscape before the Duma's elections in 2007

(October 5, 2007)

  • Alignment of political forces ahead of the State Duma election
  • State of affairs inside the main political parties
  • What ideological platforms the favorites of the election campaign are preparing for themselves
  • Russian voters’ preferences
  • Forecast of election results
  • Analysis of electoral processes in the regions ahead of 2007-2008: local specific feature or «primaries» for the federal campaign?
  • Nomenclature and political groups and what they want election results to be
  • Connection between the State Duma and the presidential elections – is the general election 2007 a prequel to the presidential race?

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5. Political results of 2007

(December 20, 2007)

  • Principal changes in the government
  • Layoffs and appointments that changed executive power configuration
  • Consolidation of elite groups ahead of the presidential election
  • Voters’ preferences and the results of the State Duma campaign
  • Party building in Russia
  • Main decisions in the foreign policy segment
  • Competition for property in the economy

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