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Statutory Framework of the Oil and Gas Industry

Statutory Framework of the Oil and Gas Industry

Vladimir Putin has outlined approximate framework of the new political system. However, as always, the devil is in the detail – dispute around the strategy of oil and gas industry development and control of it by power clans is not over. This dispute spills into the statutory regulation sphere. The "old" Duma did not pass all bills that it had planned and many of those may be earthshattering for the industry. Discussions around them will continue under the new president and new parliament.

The study focuses on the following subjects

  • Statutory conditions for nonresidents and reserves' distribution issue

    • Views of power clans on the bill regulating access to strategic fields for foreign investments and new editions of the Subsoil and Shelf laws.
    • Possible changes to the bills after Dmitry Medvedev's election as president and government reshuffle
  • Problems in the regulation of the industry

    • Technical issues associated with the regulation of the oil and gas industry, environmental impact audit by the government.
  • Statutory framework of hydrocarbon exports

    • Possible debates around changes to gas export pattern, new edition of the Major Pipeline Transport Law.
  • Legislative changes to the industry's tax regime

The content of the report:

Introduction 2
Chapter 1. Statutory Conditions for Nonresidents and Reserves’ Distribution Issue 3
Chapter 2. Struggle for Tax Treatment Change 24
Chapter 3. Regulation of Hydrocarbon Exports 33
Chapter 4. Problems of Technical and Environmental Control of Oil and Gas Industry in Russian Legislation 40
Chapter 5. New Duma – a Tool to Change Regulations 49
Expected Developments 54

 Valume: 56 pages

Issue date March 11, 2008

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