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Oil refining: huge plans

The necessity to develop oil processing in Russia has been spoken about over the past 15 years, but the situation began changing just not long ago.

Russian oil majors have started implementing ambitious programs of upgrading and building new oil refining capacities.

The state is trying to encourage this process, which is testified to by taxation policies and a ban on consuming the Euro-2 standard fuel that has come into force lately.

However, the question is about the strategy of oil refining development: what are the long-term plans of the state and companies? There is a feeling that many decisions are made intuitively without scrupulous consideration of consequences.

Key topics of the report:

  • Main players

    • Layout of forces in the Russian oil refining sector
    • Structure of production of oil products and changes in it
  • Main plans

    • Reported investments in refining
    • Key projects
    • Modernization of facilities
  • Main strategies

    • Choice between domestic market and exports
    • Rise in diesel exports to Europe, expediency of such policy
  • Fiscal policy in the oil refining sector

    • The 60-66-90 system, consequences of application
    • Ňew taxation solutions and their objectives
  • Pricing on domestic market

    • State policy towards VIOC
    • Antimonopoly cases, real consequences
  • Medium-term forecast of developments


Date of release: November 19, 2013

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