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The fuel and energy complex of Russia - Series of analytical reports

The NESF presents a series of analysis reports devoted to development problems of Russian Oil and Gas Complex, mechanism of decision-making process in Russian policy, situation in key institutes of executive authority, redistribution processes within powerful authorities.

Our subscribers have an opportunity to be deeply informed on situation in Russian oil and gas complex and development strategies of connected with it oil, gas and electric power industries.

All materials and sources used for issuing the reports are thoroughly verified and analyzed by our experts. The information of NESF is based on industry statistics, data of oil and gas companies, information of federal and regional mass-media, materials of conferences and round tables.

The series consists of 8 reports which are issued within February-December of every year.

The Arctic: Breakthrough Territory or White Hole?

The Arctic: Breakthrough Territory or White Hole?

The Arctic topic becomes surrounded by various strategies and roadmaps; the structure of state regulation of this region becomes complicated amid constant reforms in the so-called development institutions. All these factors only draw the state into the Arctic case stronger and stronger, and nobody raises questions about economic expediency of many of these projects in the near future.
Hydrocarbon Rush to East: Current Status, Medium-term Prospects

Hydrocarbon Rush to East: Current Status, Medium-term Prospects

Plans of the green course implementation posted by the European Union in mid-July leave no doubt that Europe is clearly set to reduce consumption of hydrocarbons. Therefore, oil and gas producers are likely to lean stronger towards Asian markets that will support demand for conventional energy sources in the next few decades.
Hydrogen as New Energy Hope

Hydrogen as New Energy Hope

The subject of energy transition has not just reached Russia, it has rapidly moved to the foreground of debate about the future of the national energy sector. Special attention is now drawn to hydrogen: this subject is being touted day and night, snowballing. No effort is spared to portray Russia as all but a “hydrogen superpower.” Hydrogen must become the answer to Europe’s abandonment of hydrocarbons: we expect it to be hydrogen that we will be able to offer the global market instead of oil and gas.
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